Review: Parnevu Hair Care

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So, for most of us, appearance is very important. And what do people notice first? Your hair. Unfortunately, my hair is a beast. Wild, curly and always dry, my hair is an evil warlord bent on making me consistently wear hats and hairbands for the rest of my days. Every time I brushed it out, it was brittle and my ends were consistently breaking.  I don’t even bother going to the salon because they ALWAYS make your hair look amazing and their products cost like $60 a bottle. As a broke college student, who can afford that kind of luxury? I certainly can’t, so I continue on with my hats.

Then, I was lucky enough to review the products by Parnevu. I was skeptical, I’ll admit it. Who wouldn’t be? At 25, I had tried every (reasonably priced) hair product and I was pretty sure I was doomed to slabbing enough grease in there to cook a home cooked meal.

The three products I received were:

 T-Tree Scalp Oil

 Extra-Dry Leave In Conditioner (Extra Dry formula)

 Extra-Dry Carrot Oil

First off, let’s talk the T-Tree scalp oil. To all my lovely African-American women who wear weaves, what’s that number one issue that will drive you insane? Even Beyonce mentions “patting your weave”. In case you weren’t in on the lingo, when your scalp is scratchy cause of your weave, you’re supposed to “pat” it, instead of scratching it so you don’t loosen up your tracks. The issue is because your hair is super dry and since it’s wrapped up in tracks, you can cancel moisturizing all of your hair. Your partners should be grateful that you suffer so much for them! No more of that ladies! The T-Tree scalp oil is amazing, you apply it directly to your scalp daily and there’s no more itching. My scalp felt cool, and I didn’t scratch at all. This also works for your little ones who are wearing cornrows, plaits or any time they wanna dig in their hair while you need it to stay nice and lovely. (i.e., church, school pictures, special dinner). I used it on my little sister’s hair, she’s mixed and has thick fluffy hair and it helped her cut back on scratching in her head. My only complaint is this bottle could be SO much bigger and I wouldn’t have complained. There are four women in my house, this bottle barely lasted but not before I got some awesome hair growth and didn’t have to pat my head, like a fool.

Extra-Dry Leave In Conditioner (Extra Dry formula)

This product was not my favorite, I’m gonna be honest. It was thick, baby blue and smelled super chemically. Everyone in my house LOVED the smell of it, but I just couldn’t get into it. My older sister has two girls who are also mixed, their hair took to it like a thirsty man to water. Simply amazing! Their hair stayed soft and moisturized without consistent reapplication.   After seeing the growth on my 4 year old niece’s hair, I decided to leave in the conditioner and wrap my hair up. My hair was soooo soft in the morning, there were no naps, no tangles, and it was smooth and I styled that mess in under fifteen minutes. I pinched myself several times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. This one I have shamefully hidden away in my bedroom drawer. It’s not as awful as it seems, I linked them to Parnevu’s site!

Extra-Dry Carrot Oil

This product wins BEST SMELL! This carrot oil smells delicious (not carroty to be exact) and it’s so light and fluffy on your fingers. You only need a little to moisturize and you’re good to go. Amidst all this testing, my stepfather remained on his seat, reading his news until I opened up the carrot oil. I asked him to smell it and despite his stern demeanor, he smiled and even asked if he could use some. Yes, even the men can fall in love with Parnevu! He uses it in his scalp and his beard, he’s actually ordered two more since I received my own. I guess I know who isn’t sharing, sheesh. His hair looks moisturized even with the harsh winter winds coming, and he say she feels a noticeable new softness in his beard. Looks like he’s hooked for life, and now I’m the favorite daughter! Everybody wins!

 For more information on Parnevu and all of the wonderful benefits of Tea Tree oil (used in their T-Tree line) visit You can also learn lots of great haircare tips and enter giveaways  by connecting with Parnevu on Facebook ( or Twitter (

Overall this is a great company to invest in. Their prices are wonderful, the shipping isn’t bad and it actually keeps thick and nappy hair completely moisturized and helped a lot of new growth in hair. I’m absolutely in love and I’ll definitely be ordering more of this!

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13 Responses to Review: Parnevu Hair Care

  1. OHL says:

    Great review! Leave in conditioners and scalp oils are very good at keeping hair soft and healthy!

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  3. Wynter R says:

    Great review! I love to find new products that keep our hair moisturized without weighing it down too much. I might have to get some of the carrot oil for us!

  4. Shaela Williams says:

    I’m glad to her that the leave-in is effective. There are so many leave-in conditioners on the market that just don’t work. I would like to try the carrot oil as well.

  5. Deanna T. says:

    You’ve got me sold on the Carrot Oil, I’m tempted to get some for hubby to try.

  6. Monica says:

    I’ve tried a couple of their products and even though my husband didn’t like the fragrance I really liked their T-tree shampoo!
    Monica recently posted..EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom & Kitchen Scales {3 Winners}My Profile

  7. Jenna Em says:

    Thanks for sharing your opinion of Parnevu! I love the photos that you took to go along with the review!
    Jenna Em recently posted..Kellogg’s Special K – Putting Resolutions into Action!My Profile

  8. Alexsis Tinsley says:

    Ahh my hair is usually SOOO dry, I know exactly what you mean. I’m so glad somebody knows what I mean.

  9. looks like a wonderful product

  10. This stuff looks and sounds really effective. I have grown my hair really long and while I like that style, it also sets me up for some hair woes of my own. I am happy to try anything that will help me preserve my length!
    Kelly @ City Mom recently posted..City Mom’s Kitchen: David Rocco’s Tomato Lentil SoupMy Profile

  11. Amber says:

    My biggest issue with leave in conditioners has been a kind of icky residue feeling being left behind. Was this like that?

  12. Illusional says:

    Nah, not at all. The carrot oil is pretty light and fluffy.

  13. latanya says:

    The tea tree oil and carrot oil sounds interesting to me.

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